What do we do?

In Diverse Media, we position ourselves to be ready to embrace new technology for one objective, to effectively help bring your message across in your events and venues. As such, we are proud to offer mainly these solutions, Audio Visual Equipment Hire(Rental) and Operation, Brands Distribution and Sales, Venue Design & Build, Training and Maintenance.

Audio Visual Equipment Hire(Rental) and Operation

  • Audio Visual System Rental/Hire and Operation for your events
  • Live Streaming and Broadcast Services
  • Event Technical Support
  • Creative Technology System Integration
  • Audio Visual Lighting System and Set Design
  • Concerts/Live band performances
  • Technical Operators for Events

Brands Distribution and Sales

  • Brand Distribution for Singapore
  • Creative Technology(AV) Consultation for Procurement
  • Sales of Audio Visual Equipment
  • Training and Equipping Technicians and End-users

Venue Design and Build

  • Creative Technology(AV) Consultation for your venues
  • Planning(Creative Technology System Integration)
  • Proposal of Concept
  • Modification
  • Procurement of AV Equipments
  • Building and Installation
  • Testing & Commissioning
  • Training and Equipping Technicians and End-users

Training and Maintenance

  • MOE Registered Instructor – Audio Visual CCA
  • On-site Technical Support/Training
  • Venue Maintenance


Events Communications


Events have been an important tool for brands, businesses and organisations to position themselves in the market. It brings communities and people together physically to encourage the exchange of knowledge and impartation of skills. Events also helps broadens one perspective with different walks of life coming together to the different perspectives.

Audio Visual Lighting

Live Production/Event Services

  • Audio Visual Lighting System Design for production
  • Concerts/ Live band performance
  • Equipment Dry Rental/ Audio Visual Rental
  • Collaboration Services
  • Consultations
  • Complete Event Production (e.g. from conceptualization to Execution)
  • Technical Operators for Events

Technical Support

  • On-site Technical Support/Training
  • Stage Production Set Design (e.g. drama)
  • Equipment Purchase
  • System Design and Fixed Installation
  • Venue Maintenance
  • MOE Registered Instructor – Audio Visual CCA

Brand Communications

Brand communications are essential in our fast-paced and crowded marketplace. It allows for brands to reach out to their target audience, enabling their prospects to get what they are searching for. Our approach for your business is to analyse, then to formulate a strategy and lastly execution of the marketing plan.

Data-driven Marketing

What to expect?

  • Campaign Management
  • Data-driven Marketing
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Data to information conversion

Our Work

What They Say About Us

The representatives are very informative. They tried their very best to explain and taught the costumers how to operate the systems and settled our problems. Best service and very responsive.



Thank you Ewan from Diverse Media for your wonderful introduction, setup and services rendered. Wonderful…


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