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Who are we?

Diverse Media Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore based Creative Technology company that provides multimedia communication services.  We offer event communications services through Audio Visual Lighting hire and operation, as well as strategic Audio Visual System Integration and Installation.

Our Story

Our journey started in October 2012 with an aspiration to empower organisations as they deliver their message through events and productions. Since then, we have partnered a wide range of companies and individuals to support and facilitate a variety of events. Our repertoire includes exhibitions, atrium shows, fairs, band gigs and weddings. With these partnerships and events, our team has also expanded and accrued invaluable experience in event planning and Audio Visual Lighting production. Over years of interaction with our clients regarding their experience with today’s marketplace, we have come to realise the need for coherent, optimized and future-proof audiovisual system planning. To better achieve our aim of empowering organisations, we now provide strategic planning and consultancy services for System Integration and Installation. Backed by a passionate team of diverse individuals, allow us to support your business, through Audio Visual Lighting logistics hire and Audio Visual System Integration and Installation.

Our Mission

To bring powerful messages out into the world through diversified media platforms.

Our Vision

Changing and impacting lives through delivering powerful messages as we harness the potential of media platforms, eliminating physical separation as a barrier.

Our Values

  • Attention to detail
  • Professional customer care
  • Explore and Innovate
  • Ready for challenges
  • Intentional and Purposeful Design
  • For profit. Never profit driven.

The Logo

Our logo reflects a complete and harmonious system of nodes that are connected by technology.  The lines connecting the nodes illustrate wired technology while the standalone node symbolises the introduction of wireless remote working methodology. This logo also reflects the characteristics that we embody; of boldness, resilience and nimbleness.  We are ready to adapt and step forth with new methodologies of the ever-changing technological landscape.

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The representatives are very informative. They tried their very best to explain and taught the costumers how to operate the systems and settled our problems. Best service and very responsive.



Thank you Ewan from Diverse Media for your wonderful introduction, setup and services rendered. Wonderful…


Church Volunteer

Changing and impacting lives through delivering powerful messages as we harness the potential of media platforms, eliminating physical separation as a barrier.

Our Location

Diverse Media Pte. Ltd.

18 Boon Lay Way,
#09-133 TradeHub21

Singapore 609966

Tel: (65) 6570 5650
Fax: (65) 6795 2771

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